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Maintain/enhance your colour with these tonal enhancing masks, also perfect for blondes who want to play with a semi permenant tonal change. 


These masks are semi-permanent and will fade out making them perfect and will not overload/overpigment your hair. 


Colour choices and the levels I recommend them for:

Authentic Chestnut - perfect for enhancing & livening up brunette hair colours.

Devine Gold - will give a slight enhancing reflection to brunette shades and brightening effects on medium blondes, on very light blondes this colour will give a more yellow/golden finish

Glammer Copper Gold - enhances deeper copper tones or deepens light copper shades.

Sunny Orange - Enhances lighter copper shades. Gives a temporary light copper finish on blondes.

Red Energy - Enhances and maintains red shades, not recommended for use on blondes on its own, can be diluted with your normal mask or conditioner to create pinks

Mysterious Purple - keep brassy tones at bay, reduces golden/yellow tones on lighter blondes. On very light blonde may have a slight violet/silver tone. 



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  • The Hmelt Mask enlivens and intensifies your colour, both natural and pigmented.  Enhance vibrant and bright reflections and increase the duration of your colour.

    This mask protects and moisturises both treated and natural hair from deep inside. Available in 6 shades.

  • Apply following your recommended hair bath, on blotted dry hair. Apply wearing gloves, distributing evenly with a comb or with your hands. Leave for 5-10 minutes and rinse thoroughly. For a stronger, more pigmented result, leave on for 20 minutes. (max. 20 minutes).

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