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Hair loss can be a result of many reasons, identifying the reason is key to long lasting results.

PLEASE NOTE: I am currently on annual leave, all orders will be posted Thursday 5th October 2023


For optimal results begin your hair growth journey with a 4 week detox & prep growth phase.

Detox your hair & scalp

Using the Sunway detoxifying hair bath to remove toxins and rebalance your hair & scalps natural PH levels, creating the perfect environment to begin your hair growth journey.

Hair bath will last around 2-3 months.


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After detoxing your scalp, it's important to assess and understand the reason behind your hair loss in order to achieve long lasting results.

During this phase we are going to look at treating the cause of your hair loss / thinning along with adding a mask to strengthen and protect your hair lengths.
  1. Continue using your hair loss remedy 2-3 times per week
  2. Introduce a targeted hair bath to treat your scalp 1-2 times per week, Alternating with your detox hair bath.
  3. Start your healthy hair journey with a weekly hair mask to strengthen, nourish &/or protects your hair lengths. 

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Hair loss/thinning caused by over productive sebaceous glands.


Excessive sebum production overtime causes blockages at the follicle (where the hair grows from) restricting hair growth and strands begin to grow through finer & weaker, this can block the growth completely when left untreated.

Note; If you have flakiness but also an oily scalp, first treat the excessive oil and if flakiness persists move onto the second stage and purify. 

Choose your hair mask

Whilst you are healing and treating your scalp, it is important to take time to care for you! And with that, the length of your hair. Take one day per week as your self care day. Take time out to do what you want to do, whether this be a journaling session, exercise, a walk, meditation or watching your favourite show. This is your time to fill your cup back up. On this day, take an extra long shower/bath and treat your hair to a mask whilst you're at it. 


You are now 10-12 weeks into your hair loss journey, you should already be seeing the benefits and maybe even have new growth!

It's time to move to the prevention & maintenance phase. You already have everything you need but will be running low, in this phase you:
  1. Reduce your remedy spot treatment to just 1-2 times per week. 
  2. Reduce your healing / stimulating hair bath use to every 3rd shampoo for the next 4 weeks. Once your scalp has healed switch to once per month until full course is finished (bottle is empty). 
  3. Continue with your detox hair bath or switch to one of my other hair baths as your regular hair bath.
  4. Continue with your daily supplements (recommended for at least 6 months).
  5. Continue with your weekly hair masks. 
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